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Let me tell you this the older you do get the more rules they re gonna try to get you to follow You just gotta keep livin' man L-I-V-I-N

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What we do at my work. Rock out and get paid time and a half

I guess im not showering today

I hate to be the person who puts lame pictures of their animals up, but this is true love

The old man and his battle with the Atlantic

Gotta love the Sunday news bargain counter

napping before bed #oldpeople

Justin bieber kissing himself?

First fish in 3 years.... Not tooooo shabby!

The old man with a pre game nap

Times are tough #livingattheheises

Crackin one open after he's fallin in #champ

fighting the vicious conestoga current.

When is at his best

Yooooo like has such great taste in music #sike

nosebleeders... the true fans

this is a shamoo cookie from seaworld my dad saved. i haven't been there in 6 years...

my animal > your animal. close call tho

what a girlfriend...

finally its here

The channel 55 is gettin old

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