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  • Gallery should try this blend and money from every purchase goes to help preserve the rainforest.

dude elderberry. I made my own juice and made preserves with apples.

OK her first tattoo......she is an Ironman!

I had underwear on baby...kiss hurts..

When a butterfly lands on you you have a wish that will come true...mine already has..

me having coffee on my front porch...nice 30 yrd shot..take your pick..

I just can't shoot one..they are like pets..turkeys in my yard... apple elderberry preserves and extra crunchy peanut butter...I don't play..

thanks baby girl..12 quarts done...finished product...xo!

it is almost ready.....

Waiting for the juice to porn..

I imagining as I peel that sex would be boring as shit if Adam had not partaken...

no apple elderberry preserves...I made the juice last night..and a tye dye shirt

Peeling progress.....yes I am me what I want!

you can always do my laundry..taken from the window...its a meat shot..

2 quarts of elderberry juice ..used a T-shirt to strain the berries ..going to give it to my nice girl.

Organic tye -dye ...used a T-shirt to strain the elderberry juice.... I like it.

going to make the preserves tomorrow..I use the elderberry juice over the apples...first batch...

Simmering....elderberry....I like hot and juicy!

they are actually very good for the heart and lungs..going to mix with apples from dads orchard