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There's even a book containing all rational arguments against marriage equality.

My son listening to the radio with his teeth

That's Jane speedily cranking the generator and my fingers feeling the shock up to my elbow!

Repro 1959 version. Want.

Those of you who were with me last Saturday, I did it again! Found a .02 DVD.

Good morning. Coffee's ready.

This is a Twilight Zone DVD. Think they'll honor this price?

This a bombshell? More like a big, huge "Who the hell cares?"

I kind of want this.

I already have that coffee cup. Is it bad to covet the ashtray too?

Hot, fresh maple bacon bars. #HotDonuts

Hey, baby. How YOU doin'?

My 13yo drew this, but is somehow still convinced she has no artistic talent.

Fresh hot #Piehole pizza - Canadian bacon, bacon, mango, pineapple, onion, sweet red pepper

Must be St. Patty's Day.

In my photo-posting frenzy last night, I don't think I did this one. My 13yo and me.

Finally! Someone has the REAL Hairspray, not that travesty with John Travolta.

13yo says, "You look angry, Mom. Is it because you don't have a nose and can't breathe?"

My photobombing daughter cracks me up.

The Guinness cookies are cake-like, yet chewy. Sublime. #foodiechat