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Hawaii Front-End Web Developer & Designer, PC/XBOX Gamer & wannabe fitness bro. I'm also a Filipino dude that rambles about random stuff.

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This reminds me, I need to catch up on #BreakingBad

in good news, is pretty awesome with RMAs

I'm just gonna name that file feelsbad.css

I mean I could simply ignore the white space but I can't because I have a plugin that highlights them. XD

Installed a new #ST2 theme… Flatland.

well played guys, look what ended up on my FB feed:

was thinking about that but I already have this. I wonder if I can make it 4 monitors though.

but I am #MixShape, I am. ಠ_ಠ

A to be built Kapolei ?! YEAHHHHH!!!!! ☆_☆

#TIL that does lettuce wrap burgers. Protein Style YAHH! ^_^ #LCHF #KETO

: Brace yourself. Errors are coming...”

WTF does this mean?! An error message telling me I am going to get 2 more error messages? ಠ_ಠ

There is nothing wrong with wikipedia colleges! you are just hating now!

WTF is "kmi"? This is supposed to be an average of runs men my age? I feel so inadequate now :(

all legal & free podcasts from iTunes! search for these:

The Sims 3 is the only thing I can play on Origin on the Mac… :(

wait a minute…one of my top skills is Python? I have not made a single thing in Python. @

you guys should just make this already. One browser to rule them all!