Cincinnati promoter, Downtown Zealot, overflowing with misguided opinions. every tweet has been rigorously underthought

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our adult dark and stormy ice cream sandwich

almost ready to take a go at adult ice cream sandwiches, hope they work

some numbers mean things, some numbers do things, nirth of the command line

every particle of dirt downtown has been picked up and flung into rhe air, theres an ugly brown fog out there

does this guy have 5 fingers and a thumb?

does this guy have 5 dingers and a thumb

figures, i rarely drive and when i do i remember why i hate it

high above OTR on Mulberry

last weeks loot

hands down weirdest fortune I ever had

someone on the hill washed their windows, i'm getting blinded

oh wow that looks awesome. better than mine looked tonight

the freedom of the open road

Reds lineup