Prodigal daughters and Prodigal sons, Welcome.

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I am here! Jesus' House! Guess where?

Behold - Our God and Our King - Jesus Christ, the Lord. "Salvation comes the Jews." Our Living Manna Deo Gratias

Why are we not "Contrite" & not "Converted" by the sight, of such a "Man-Of-Sorrows," as Jeremiah said, of Him?

I'm at the feet of Jesus, soaking up His Peace. I sure do need it. I feel like, I'm a "Catholic Road Pizza."

Doggie is checking out her territory, oblivious, to the encroaching winter weather.

TSA Checkpoint! State Sponsored Groping Is Now Legal - Oh Yeah. That'll keep Muslims - From Visiting the US.

Interesting. In real life, it looks like an Ink-Blot Test, or Tie-Die Piece of Art. On my iPhone it looks better

My backyard is getting barren. The last of the leaves, have hints of yellow pizazz! Se la vie!

We had to have a talk. St Anthony 4My Memory, and St Joseph 4Joshua/My Soldier+Hero. And, Baby Jesus, 2Hug MyCross

The Indians have already been here. It's not even Thanksgiving. An arrowhead, from the local Pottowatame Tribe.

Obama's "Blame-Games are so Lame!"

Well, I tried singing, in Spanish. It's easier, to read it, than it is to speak it!

I put Costa Rica & Nicaragua, in St Joe's Prayer Intention Book. Fr Mike said he'd mention them at Mass & Pray 4.

My dog is on the un-heated, front porch, looking outside. Isn't she cute?

Practiced piano last night. I wasn't feeling well. So, I didn't do much.

Mama, may your soul & all the soul's, of the faithful departed, via the Mercy of God, rip. I love and miss you too

+For the Repose, of My Dad's Soul. Dad may your soul rip, via the Mercy of God! I love you and I miss your hugs.

Slept in the Lactation Room! God compromised. My feet got elevated but not the back. Grateful 4 a little respite

Chilling out. Watching Mass. Icing down my back. Could hardly walk, this morning. Took Ibuprophen. Alergic2Tylenol