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GIRL! What you doing all in my trunk? Fair exchange is no robbery Share Alike. I could #BuildMyWholeWorldAroundYou

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Martin Luther King jr Weekend

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If Love Had a Face, It Would Be Yours Girl I Will Love You by Art Napoleon #GirliWillLoveYou

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SoNotDa Wifey4ArtNapoleon You Know You Want Me. (no i dont) I'm Freaky (i can see that -_-) SONOTDAWIFEY lol

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Girl I Willl Love You by Art Napoleon #Music to Make Her Romance Special http://amzn.to/girl-i-will-love-you

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Wifey4ArtNapoleon You Are My Healer, Comforter, Reliever My Love Yes All That But First DA BLUNT #GirliWillLoveYou

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4 Quarters + iTunes ~ Girl I Will Love You by Art Napoleon ~ http://bit.ly/giwly-itunes http://twitpic.com/df1kuv

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#Wifey4ArtNapoleon Thoughts Of You Never Leave My Mind Today My Love This Rose is FOR YOU #GirliWillLoveYou

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#Wifey4ArtNapoleon Wherever Your Heart Searches For Love You Will Find Me AI SHITERU (I Love U) #GirliWillLoveYou

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#Wifey4ArtNapoleon Her Love Is 1st Rate, Top Notch, 1st Class, You Will 4Ever Be My FIRST LADY #GirliWillLoveYou

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#Wifey4ArtNapoleon I Gotta Have It And Will Chase That Azz to Get It What!? Im tlkn- FOOTBALL #GirliWillLoveYou

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#Wifey4ArtNapoleon I Only Dream Of Freekn You I Wanna Freek You Girl Your Body So. FREEK'N TIGHT #GirliWillLoveYou

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Mofos #Haters in running round defaming me calling me homo, a chester all manner of shit dis 4 U

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#Wifey4ArtNapoleon Ooh Did You Hear ArtNapoleon Looked Ata White Girl OMG He Might Got Dat FEVER #GirliWillLoveYou

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Its Saturday just getting this #TGIF cvr done oh man! a day late ima be fired! Thank God TGIF's are everywhere :-)

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#Wifey4ArtNapoleon They Say Beauty Is In The Eye Of The Beholder 2nite It Is You Ill BE HOLDING #GirliWillLoveYou

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#Wifey4ArtNapoleon What Words Can I Say To You Ah! ANATA GA SUKI DESU - I LIKE YOU #GirliWillLoveYou 4Ever

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#‎RealTalk mofos aint knowing and happening right now in dealing with the #HavesAndHaveNots

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#Wifey4ArtNapoleon Like Freida Pinto Your Beauty Described In One Word - FLAWLESS - #GirliWillLoveYou

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That Girl Iz Fine #TGIF ~ Collection of Fine Bishes ~ and https://www.facebook.com/ThatGirlizFine

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