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looking good on this issue of Riviera!

Glengarry Glen Ross. I made a sign for the salesmen at work. :P

Angry soda is gonna pop a cap!

The point is to show the deal and still void it out. But really, who would walk into a store demanding 50% off with a square paper?

Queens is an enjoyable place after all. Cockroaches included. I mean it!

Pokeballs guide you to catch a subway.

WE BUILT THIS CITY! *raises arms*

I love when the most stressful part of my day is when the cat climbs the screen sliding door.

It finally feels like summer. :D

Got a fish for my desk at work! It ate right away. (see the Betta bit in mouth)

Note to self: Remember to remove all packs of Alka-Seltzer from pockets PRIOR to washing clothes. *laughs it off*

Visiting my sister. Anyone want a penpal?

Why I have a screenshot from 1am, might seem unimportant. But this is just the "beginning" of an AZ summer. I'm moving. GG

*yawn* God it's probably 90 degrees out here. Bleh. Wait, it's cooler than it was at 1am!? 1am screenshot to follow

Markus Schulz spinning "Do You Dream" at Sutra OC - 5.27.10

Made it to my destination, gained 4 hours of sleep on the bus. Still wanting more ZzZzZ's.

In celebration for towel day, I've packed my 42 utility towel for my trip to SoCal. Woo! @ The Greyhound Station in Phoenix.

I love my shirt! It's hot to be supporting such a great cause. :)

Da na, da na, da naaaa! Charge!

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