Aisha A. Mohammed


Animus Dominandi. I am the lucid dreamer commanding the subconscious mind. I speak fluent sarcasm & abuse it. A serious case of OCD & Bipolarism.

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Safari in the 5 degrees temperature!

On a normal day I'd be able to see different colors in this spot #fog

"Cape Of Good Hope", where the Atlantic & Indian oceans meet - رأس الرجاء الصالح ..

Beautiful weather!

LOOOL overthinking leads to

Believe it or not this is jumairah road. What happened to the electricity?

Spotted 7atem el3raqi with his son 8u9ay or whatever his name is

و أرد أقص على عمري و أقول بظعف...

This is exactly where I should feel sorry for myself, beat the boredom and atleast act asleep..

Its not a weekday :s


Healthy midnight snacks

It worked LOL


اللهم اجعل بلدنا سالما من الفتن والمحن وأدم علينا نعمتك وألطف بنا وبالمسلمين فيما جرت به المقادير

Inshallah doum.

If only the road was this empty all the time