Aisha A. Mohammed


Animus Dominandi. I am the lucid dreamer commanding the subconscious mind. I speak fluent sarcasm & abuse it. A serious case of OCD & Bipolarism.

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هيه والله ..

أولا باركنج معاقين .. ثانيا نص السياره في الشارع ..... يعني ماسويت شيء والله مادري شو كنت أخترع

Finding my way out the crowd

Hahahahahaaa that's so meeee

If I wake up and find this wrapped next to my door 3adi ante7er min elwanaseh


What does the nissan have to do with the words &why would anyone put this as their display pic why??

Look what I just found LOL

انتي شفتي شكلج أول!!

Only when I'm late.

what the hell hahaha

And its raining nonstop! Why do I have to go back to Dubai ♥

Goodbye beautiful Seychelles

The palace up there on top of the mountain is Sheikh Khalifa bin Zayed's.

The beaches, nature and even colors! Everything's so different in here

Biggest tortoise I've ever seen in my whole entire life! They're 80yrs old and they live up to 150!

Goodbye Cape Town and your amazing weather <3