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My partner for this game thinks it's boring too. #fireballfrenzy #noworkwednesday

I feel like I'm at a Sabres game...

Oh, that's nice. #Sabres

Here's the press box list tonight. #Sabres

He just played Kid Rock. His brother knows him he says.

Warmups. #Sabres #3MIroadtrip

Random jersey Friday at work. Anyone that can guess what this is, let me ask... I win right?

This day in #Sabres history, brought to you by my 1999 Postseason Media Guide #legend

Cory Sarich is the only other one on the '99 Sabres playoff roster that's still active in the NHL

There's an Andrew Peters autograph on the wall.

Hugh Jessiman jersey. Right in front of us. Wow. #Sabres #Rangers

Not bad.

Warmups. #Sabres #Preds

#Preds & Pets calendar giveaway. How precious.

HOLY RANDOM JERSEY. On Printers Alley in Nashville. #unbelievable

Congrats ! 1st NHL goal #Sabres


Did anyone else catch this? #wanderingeyes #Sabres

Right in front of me. Hope it was worth it.

My view for the night.