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It never hurts to be respectful. Saw this on FB today... Wise words.

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New flip flops are a good thing

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See Conservatives aren't so uptight! I want one...

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Like I said, 2lazylabs

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Deja vu...

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My first attempt at red velvet cake was a huge success thanks to a   recipe.

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just keeps getting better. Now he can fly.

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  thank you for my new screen saver. You're the BEST name dropper ever!

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Never forget

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It's time for season 3! Love me some   on  !

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Way 2 go Sam's!Fake flowers in plastic champagne glasses that now adorn your eating tables TOTALLY classes up the joint

my dog Rocket is dressing up as Bette Davis for Halloween

Dear Halloween,
F You.
Love, Christmas

You know the economy is bad when Jesus has to do yardwork...

Found in my freezer this morning.ObiWan & KitFisto were"eaten by a magical vehicle that freezes them".Or so I'm told

Since fortune cookies are never wrong, I predict will add more tour dates & I will get a meet & greet

I relate

We've been in the car too long now and have run out of ways to entertain ouselves...