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Mojang trophy wall #TwitPict

the mojang game room, still under construction. #TwitPict

how's this? better size picture now? #TwitPict

returns to the office today. no one is safe from nerf dart attacks. #TwitPict

this one goes out to our friend #TwitPict

Notch just scored a vicious headshot on Tobias. Mojang is all about unprovoked violence. #TwitPict

Check out the fancy ceiling lights! They sure have come far since our last visit. #TwitPict

Most everyone is back in the office, recovered after the 2mil party. #TwitPict


Found this cookbook in Sweden, thought of you. #TwitPict

street pass'n Sweden #TwitPict

nice to see you too, Mojang. #TwitPict

Crazy Swedish Coke can! #TwitPict


Taking things to a new level here at Mojang. Cybernetic enhancements are next. #TwitPict

Arrived in Sweden! Really soaking up the local culture now. #TwitPict

The sun rises on our first trip back to Sweden. 10 hours down, only 2 more to Stockholm! #TwitPict

hallway dance party at PAX, look out behind you! #TwitPict

Well the line for our 6pm panel with Naughty Dog is substantial. #TwitPict

monitor on the airplane tv. good sign. #TwitPict