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Alex plans to drink all this tonight.

Won't be much work getting done in this room today.

Clearing the office for the party tonight!

1. tweet about a hat 2. ??? 3. PROFIT! #twitterisastrangeplace

Preview of one of the wallpapers by going out in the Kickstarter digital backer kit, coming soon!

The box came with a bonus hat for too!

Okay, maybe not completely different.

It's completely different!

After the evil spirits have escaped.

Careful it's fragile.

Unboxing the new hat!

Going to live tweet the unboxing of 's new hat when he gets back from lunch!

Nice bit of detail from Mojang's massive wall print.

I encountered a wild ! Great minds think alike I see.

"Mansions of Madness" ends in a stalemate and monster orgy.

Mansions of Madness! 2PP brings the pain to Mojang. already has a broken leg mwa ha ha! #TwitPict

Weird stuff in Mojang's Fridge #1
Bacon Paste. Swedish ingenuity has no bounds. #TwitPict

MVC3 rematch. Keep trying to get these guys on Mortal Kombat but it's not happening. #TwitPict

in the hot seat. #TwitPict

some early morning MVC3 between & , and through the Letus lens adaptor. #TwitPict