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I'd rather have it and not need it than to need it and not have it

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Breakfast anyone?

Watching the sunset with my baby girl. Perfect way to end this Thursday evening

After a good suggestion from & a silly ass suggestion from these are the flicks I rolled with

Somebody's got a whole lotta energy 2nite #firedup

Here you go. It looks so beautiful don't you agree!?

Party time everybody! Let's get it

No more puzzles please!

Puzzled out! Please no more!

Putting together 35 piece puzzles with my baby. Snow White is next

Bout to hook up some homemade belgian waffles for me and the lil one. Haven't made these in a minute. Wish me luck

Im sittin n my living room watching 1 of my neighbors get evicted. How embarassing. Police, landlord, & goons #losing

Scarred for life

All gone too but I didn't have that much left when I started.

Breakfast at noon #niggery

Wide awake now but the little one is still.....

Not as lucky as I am to have her. That's my heart

That's my favorite right there. Bout to finish off this 1800 bottle myself

Just woke up from a nap and found this scene outside my window. Hope everybody's alive

Looking at my chaser, it's about that time

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