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Hey, look, ...more weird ducks. What's with this place???

These are some funny-looking ducks, eh, 43...?

No, I showed this one. The one I just sent is from my first day ever at MK. Fun to see.

First trip was July of '75 (pic attached). Favorite is a tough one. Will have to think...

A mid-day shop visit across town can yield unexpected benefits...

Longest line of the night... #Disney24

Hurry ba-ack.... Hurry Baaaa-a-aack....... (after taking a nice, long nap) #Disney24

Hey!!!!! Why does THAT guy get to take a nap???

Wyatt, don't do it!!! I know it's late,'s not real honey!!!!!!

Gotta fly...!

One More Disney Churro...

The place to be...

Hey, ... Don't stand here!!!

Okay, for those of you who like your singin' bears pics with more... singin' bears...

Mary Jo, this fellow was singing something about Tennessee. I think he thought you were here...

Who needs a fancy Cirque du Soleil Michael Jackson show when you've got...singin' bears!!!!

We're in!!!!

So close....and yet so far........

Space Mountain is really complicated to operate, but DRL does a great job!

"I WANT that rocket!!!!" -Neville Sinclair, 1938