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Software engineering, Twitter style.
Twitter recently changed how their API works, without mentioning it beforehand and seemingly without testing how it would impact apps that use the API. Their change broke several apps, forcing them to roll back their changes.

It's a fundamental rule of software engineering to test changes first before releasing them. What Twitter should have done is tested their changes to make sure it wouldn't break popular apps and libraries (like

Instead, as shown in the graphic above (from, Twiter pushed out a change and then had to roll it back after it caused problems. That's truly amateur hour.

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Jasmine Tridevil had plastic surgery to create a third breast. It's the one in the middle.

(Background image: her FB page. Other images added by me.)

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Ted Cruz' Stop Obama's Amnesty is a great way to increase his mailing list and get donations. However, a petition won't stop Obama's amnesty. 99% of those who sign the petition aren't adding anything new to any political calculations. Obama and the Dems realize millions of people will always oppose them.

In order to stop amnesty you have to get smart. If politicians realize supporting amnesty will impact their careers, fewer will support it. And, the fewer politicians who support amnesty, the less likely Obama is to sign his executive order.

Here's how you make politicians realize supporting amnesty will negatively impact their careers:

Feel free to sign Cruz' petition. But, after doing that help with the plan at the link.

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This is the letter I FAXed to Twitter about my second suspension this year. The first suspension is detailed here:

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Glenn Beck hands out "gift bags" to illegal alien kids that made it across the border alive. Those kids that were lured to cross into the U.S. but who died in the desert aren't pictured.

See for an alternative to Glenn Beck's false compassion.

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My chat with Harriet Baldwin.

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Eliminationist comment at FireDogLake. Satire? Extreme partisan? It's hard to tell.

Source: fdlaction.firedoglake . com/2014/06/20/

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Hillary Clinton makes the GOP's squirrel look even dumber.

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John Nolte readers fight the Papist Menace at Breitbart News

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Sandy, January 2, 2013

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New pin commemorates Michelle & Barry.

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Mass shootings in general aren't just a problem with "gun culture", they're an indicator of much deeper cultural problems. Contributing factors include: self-centeredness/selfishness (see libertarians, teaparty, and now GOP), promotion of violence (see Hollywood and FPS games), and yahooism in general (see teaparty). That doesn't mean that a specific mass shooting is political motivated, just that the mindset of some political groups degrades society and that makes mass shootings more likely.

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Yep, it's a cultural problem.

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George P. Bush

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The SPLC's Mark Potok responds to recent shooting incidents.

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A pro-Ryan talking point is that his plan won't affect his standing in FL because those who are currently seniors won't be affected by his plan. All Dems need to do is point out to those seniors how their grandkids would be negatively affected by Ryan's plan.

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Crazy TPers for Mitt!

This one (, "Sarah is Fed Up!") describes herself as "Just a girl who's fed up with the left's war on American Exceptionalism. Bitter clinger 'til the end. #Resist44 #NObama2012 #Mitt2012".

I sent her this link explaining in great detail how weak Mitt is on immig.:

What "therightsarah" describes as "leftist BS" could actually help her candidate beat Obama. And most would consider my post much more "rightwing" than Mitt. It's definitely more "rightwing" that TP darlings like MarcoRubio and leaders like Armey or Koch.

Instead of being smart enough to realize that and help move Mitt into a more popular (and better) position, all can do is dismiss and smear.

Those in the general TP sphere aren't capable of showing anyone how pols are wrong, and have emotional issues that prevent them from helping those who can.

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