@Cecilia44 is the White House #immigration expert. She can't answer any of the dozens of questions I asked her: Let her know you know...

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Eliminationist comment at FireDogLake. Satire? Extreme partisan? It's hard to tell.

Source: fdlaction.firedoglake . com/2014/06/20/

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Hillary Clinton makes the GOP's squirrel look even dumber.

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John Nolte readers fight the Papist Menace at Breitbart News

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Sandy, January 2, 2013

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New pin commemorates Michelle & Barry.

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Mass shootings in general aren't just a problem with "gun culture", they're an indicator of much deeper cultural problems. Contributing factors include: self-centeredness/selfishness (see libertarians, teaparty, and now GOP), promotion of violence (see Hollywood and FPS games), and yahooism in general (see teaparty). That doesn't mean that a specific mass shooting is political motivated, just that the mindset of some political groups degrades society and that makes mass shootings more likely.

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Yep, it's a cultural problem.

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George P. Bush

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The SPLC's Mark Potok responds to recent shooting incidents.

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A pro-Ryan talking point is that his plan won't affect his standing in FL because those who are currently seniors won't be affected by his plan. All Dems need to do is point out to those seniors how their grandkids would be negatively affected by Ryan's plan.

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Crazy TPers for Mitt!

This one (, "Sarah is Fed Up!") describes herself as "Just a girl who's fed up with the left's war on American Exceptionalism. Bitter clinger 'til the end. #Resist44 #NObama2012 #Mitt2012".

I sent her this link explaining in great detail how weak Mitt is on immig.:

What "therightsarah" describes as "leftist BS" could actually help her candidate beat Obama. And most would consider my post much more "rightwing" than Mitt. It's definitely more "rightwing" that TP darlings like MarcoRubio and leaders like Armey or Koch.

Instead of being smart enough to realize that and help move Mitt into a more popular (and better) position, all can do is dismiss and smear.

Those in the general TP sphere aren't capable of showing anyone how pols are wrong, and have emotional issues that prevent them from helping those who can.

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John Sheehan (dogstar7) supports lowering wages for struggling American workers and keeping some struggling potential college students from attending school. He supports this anti-American bill that O enacted recently:

See that link for the details.

John Sheehan is on Twitter at dogstar7tweets and on Youtube at dogstar7. His videos are about Chicago, Illinois, music, NATO protests, unions, and other topics. It's not known whether he's affiliated with the Occupy Wall Street, OWS, or Occupy Chicago movements.

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, former NM gov , , and others have all responded to me. But, who cares about that compared to this.

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Ed Shahzade of Next Instinct has a problem: keep reading the description and I'll explain.

I'd never heard of Ed Shahzade () before, but earlier today in the course of searching Twitter I saw that he was having a conversation with user about immigration, specifically relating to MA gov. Patrick.

Since that's something I know quite a bit about, I tweeted them the first tweet below. Note that I'm on Ed Shahzarde's side of this: I was trying to help him out in his debate with . responded, I responded back and included in the conversation once again to help him out.

In exchange, I get the first tweet in the graphic. If had handled this a different way, would you be reading this? All Ed Shahzade had to do was say he wasn't interested in my attempts to help him out. Instead, he acts like a thug. Do you want someone like that representing your company?

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Hey baby, can I buy you another?

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I'm not saying that this DailyKos piece (DailyKos post: ) is a work of fiction, but the curious punctuation above tends to give me that impression. The long quote above was transcribed from a slip of paper, but you'd think that whoever wrote it would express themselves without requiring the author's strange habit of using dashes.

The long quote above also doesn't exactly read like it comes from highschooler, but was written by an adult dumbing down their writing style.

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YiddishSteel (Lawrence Kent) is yet another example of how TPers have serious issues, as I'll explain below.

YiddishSteel tweeted that the "Koch Brothers are Heros" [sic] and I responded by pointing out just two of the reasons to oppose them (see above).

One would think that TPers would be smart enough not to be fanboys for someone who funds the ACLU and who funds groups that support massive/illegal immig., yet that's not the case.

Instead of asking for more information or trying a defense of the Kochs, YiddishSteel responded in typical TPer fashion: with a picture of a "Douche" sticker in the form of the Obama logo.

So, we've got a TPer calling me a "douche" for pointing out facts. And, the TPer replies as he's been trained to do: falsely assume that anyone who opposes the Kochs or the TP movement must be an Obama fan. I'm just surprised YiddishSteel didn't call me a COMMIE.

You can read the facts about YiddishSteel's "heroes" funding the ACLU and much more here:

The TPers - supposed opponents of COMMIES - are useful idiots for someone who funds a group started by a COMMIE. How dumb is that?

To find out even more ways the TPers help their supposed opponents, see my extensive coverage of them here:

Note that Yiddish Steel is using the same dishonest technique that so many other TPers have used I had to give it a name:

Also, you can read my reasons not to vote for O from October 2008 here:

If the TPer types had simply promoted that, O might not be president now.

Also, read how I tried to ask O a question in Feb 2007 here:

The TPers aren't capable of developing, asking or even helping others ask things like that.

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