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Demi and Niall & NEMI are trending worldwide!

Harry & Liam with fans

The boys today

All of the boys today

Niall, Harry, and Zayn today

The boys today

The boys today filming with VEVO

'#UseYourNameIn1DSong' is trending worldwide!

Cover of the April issue of BOP magazine that has jumbo + mini posters, a spread & a piece on Harry

'#congratslouis' is now trending worldwide!

Louis yesterday

'#congratsniall' is trending worldwide!

'#WeLoveLiamPayne' is the #1 worldwide trend!

'Niall Our Sexy Leprechaun' is trending worldwide

'#niallHORANappreciationday' is trending worldwide!

The boys at VEVO today

'Harry Styles My Boyfriend' app on iTunes

'#1DstayliveinUK' is trending worldwide

'#NiamSEXUpAllNight' & 'Niam' are trending worldwide!


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