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Slowly beancounting again - one step at a time. I've shaken hands with Trent Reznor and David Lynch. They probably remember it better than me

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Ok, I'm ready!

Jeez, I've been getting this so wrong for so many years...

Just imagine how bad this episode of Miranda must be when the BBC can't even disguise it.


Worse than the Olympics! Another medal gloater....

In Oran Mor. Still wearing our winners' medals. Like victorious fannies!

Nae luck, James, ya cheating wee shite!

Honest, it wasn't me...

*big gulp*




Dogs in pubs. Is there ever anything better? They make everyone smile...

(Unless they are rabid, of course)

My hot date: #ForzaCeltic

Never question the maths of an accountant! :)

If the Guardian is ever looking for a new Arts critic... #FacebookNews

"Sexual content"? Really?

A beautiful moment. Screen captured, so you don't have to:

More presents? Why not? My family and friends have such good taste...

In other news, my idiot brother got my mum this:
She's 73. And going a bit deaf.