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I'm already going to hell. I might as well burn the brightest.

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Apostrophe abuse!

Look at the cover of #bachelor #gag

And the neighbor boy said he had to show me something before he threw himself into the wall parkour style.

Feb 22 not Dec 22


More bob-age

The guitarist's bob is all wrong

My first home in NYC: an NYU dorm

Mom wanted birthday ice cream

Yes, I took the straw out per Ryan Gosling's directive. #crazystupidlove #shvantz

Whoops! Pic RT : Mom with her birthday feast #scrantontweets #nyc

Some days I wish my neighborhood coffee shop did not post horoscopes

Love helmets for Willow or Mom??

Ew. It's tuna in an airport newsstand.

Weird old guy alert. His hair looks painted on but it's actually dyed. Except for a patch in the back.

it moved in with me

new pic!

My cocktail should instead be named Highly Flammable

Spotted this today & laughed