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done packing shoes and pantry/medicine stuff- couldn't find room for this- what to do- #moving

based on the Mayans' track record idk if I should eat these

you already know MT ...Sunday Bring your Jersey Were going to lose our voices #gofalcons #riseup

haven't done one of these in a while- trying out a new typeface too-

tonight's tantrum was sponsored by 's "yummy cookies"- she would not let go of that bag-

any of you seen this book before? because lol what- #janeausten #prideandprejudice #zombies

any of you seen this book before? because lol what- #janeausten #prideandprejudice #zombies

"it's so beautiful I feel like crying- it's like goddang bruh"- b-brain on chocolate icing-

you guys these are terrific! #nom

every time my mom makes cornbread I gain like seven lbs per day #nom

are all of you kids as excited as ariana to go back to school?

foreign cigar(ette)s- coolest box ever- smell like fig newtons-

yes'm ladies- plenty to share :D

tea time with mommy- she's on pinterest- and I'm tweeting- it's great :)

"a little tweeting now and then- is relished by the best of men"- #sortof

's music pairs perfectly with puzzle making- this is fun :)

let's do this

lookit! found under a bed- it's from my puzzle summer (one b/w undergrad and law school)- 1000 pieces- pretty :)

I wish I could wear this t-shirt out without people looking at me like I'M the idiot

you have to look closely- might take a moment- but it's there-