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Three girls whos writing imagines about One direction! look in our faves to find them :) our personal @iwowmalik @I_am_mikaela2 @lillnea97 :) stay happy! :D xx

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I'm crying. That smile, those eyes, that hair oh god i love him so much <3 - j

#123456 wow you're really beautiful babe! Definitely Harry for you! :) xx

#7793 you're really pretty love, i adore your hair :) Liam for you babe xx - j

#21 really pretty babe, adore your eyes :) Harry for you xx - j

#12344 sooo pretty babe, adore your eyes! :D either Liam or Louis can't choose! xx - j

#67 soooooo pretty love! Love your hair :D hazza is yours babe xx - j

#1151 wow so gorgeous babe! I really adore your hair :) definitely this sexy boy xx - j

This is my favorite photo of my favorite boy <3 - j

I just think this is so beautiful! I really wish i was brave enough to dye my hair in a colour like this! - J

Please ship me guys! :D xx - j

#2828 so pretty! Your smile is adorable :) i would say Liam or Louis xx - j

#69WifNiall wow i love your eyes! And you're so pretty :) definitely Zayn xx - j

#16 pretty! Hazza for you xx - j

#2177 so pretty! Loving your hair! :) Louis for you babe! :) xx - j

#23 you're really pretty babe :) either Niall or harry :) xx - j

Can you ship me back? :D xx - j

#666 so pretty! And i just love your hair! :) Harry for you love xx - j

#ArseCheek so pretty babe! I really like your hair :) Zayn for you xx - j

#1856 so beautiful love! I really love your eyes! :) definitely nialler! xx - j

#4 so pretty! And i love your hair so so much!! :D definitely this sexy boy for you xx - j