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GIF When you go to the kitchen and there’s no food so you’re just like:

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My coworkers are too cute OMG they made me a birthday pizookie

Every time I see this GIF I cry a little bit inside. He calls her "love"!

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*heres a closer image of the top for the 3rd option in case you can't really see it*

Oooooor the 3rd option:

Second option:

Yay! Ok, so here's my first option:

That proud moment when your favorite from an old band that broke up uses your pic for a #tbt

So I was lookin up 1D stuff from Office Depot and the last three don't even have anything to do w/ 1D

NEW Niall with Zach from Restless Road backstage at TXF today! #cuties

NEW Niall and Colton from Restless Road (TXF) not that long ago!

Otaaaays (: here ya go babe thank you!! -M

Look guys! My new 3DS is purple oMQ

Can you tell Steph and I love each other or...

Hehe..I giggled

Follow my IG for a DM to Matty or Maz..or whoever...I'll make a list later if you want but yEAH. @.maaaylstagram ✌️

Y'all should follow my IG! I'll DM you to Matty or Maz if ya want...LOL yay for all in 1 tweets hehe -M

Y'all should follow my IG! I'll DM you to Matty or Maz if ya want too(this is sorta an everything kinda tweet lol)

While Harry was eating that orange at the VMAs, he was planning this whole thing...

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