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A wordsmith who is fairly knowledgeable in a fair amount of topics. I use 130 characters or less because I like challenges. I bring class to your timeline.

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_ (ahem)

Suite at the World's Most Famous Arena! If there's a hat trick, I'm throwing myself on the ice.

If I order a "Pink Panty Pulldown", do I have to take off mine? If not, bottoms up - literally!

This is dedicated to Notre Dame's loss and the Knicks being down 30 to the Bucks. Cheers.

Japanese restaurant bathroom - ZEN.....but if you're shitting, we got you covered. But ZEN.

Who DOESN'T enjoy taking pics of one's self and one's passed-out-at-bar buddy? It's AMERICAN!

At strip bar.....NOT........GOOD....

These are hot zeppoles with powdered sugar. Yes, I have depantsed for this.

This is the goods. My signoff beverage for the weekend.

Today, it's "word to Jamaica". Soooo underrated.

This is a quality start to a day. YEAH, that's a fruit/yogurt parfait. No issues there, right?

Good stuff to the left. "Had to buy this" to the right, though I hear it aint bad.

BYU/Okla on the tube. Liquor in my belly. Skinnydipping twitpic to follow....ladies?

At my buddys house. He & wifey have this in kitchen cabinet. Ummm....WTF? SHOULD I LEAVE NOW? Or STAY?

Can you make this pic out? It's Arod, hanging in the MickeyMantle's bathroom. Nearly masturbated.

Drink #1 - 20 ounce Blue Moon from MICKEY MANTLE'S. THE MICK, BABY. Weekend underway.

Here's me in a Borgata stall. Promise, I'm 10 minutes away from a party. Why do I tweet this?

This is a Garden State Parkway rest stop bathroom. Dudes piss, shit, & do coke here. Thanks.

This is a Nike shoebox of Heinekens. Ghetto? Yeah. But we were in a rush to AC fo fuck you, kinda.

I've seen this dude 4 times already today. He's a good dude but enough's enough.

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