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God is my main man, country music is my LIFE, I absolutely love Keith Urban, and I have the cutest dog on earth. :)

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Dear Lord, why did You let me get so attached to this amazing and wonderful animal? Sincerely, Im in big trouble. #love

A pic I just took of the #supermoon out tonight. #amazing that its #soclose and so #bright

Here's my #supermoon pic! #amazing

And this is what happens when you accidentally drop a pizza cutter on your toe... #ouch

Breakfast and a movie in English! :)

Looks like they're draining the Lincoln Library into the middle of Jefferson, and there was TONS of water #strangemuch?

Anyone want a University of Chicago poster? Got it in the mail and I'm not going there so... hahaha

My little puppy doesn't quite fit all the way on the recliner... :( poor doggie... hahaha :)



Dessert from Maggianos and fresh strawberries from the whole foods market in St. Louis. <3

"And the answer rang out clear from somewhere up above, no greater gift has man than to lay down his life for love." <3

The view out my bedroom window this morning. :) #toobaditwasntenoughforasnowday

Why you don't shave with a dull blade... :( been bleeding for >10 minutes and it won't stop. #sometimesihatebeingagirl

Should've uploaded these a while ago. :) >rofl

Should've uploaded these a while ago. :) >rofl

My Valentine <3 #lovesmelikenoother

Spirit Week. :)

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