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Its a bond. Don't ask. and ceciLy.

Tryin to beat my lil cousin in 2k11 lol!!! Who knows our teams??? Guess :)

Auntie's signature lmao!!! I love her!!! She is rockin her visor hunny

My lil cousin made a bball player look like him wit his side part!! LoL! Thinkin he tight!!!

Hood N!gga came on 's favorite song and this is herrr dance everytime LOL! ♥ her

This is how my cousin bowls lmfao!!!! Smh! She has 19 in the 8th frame

REAL photobook poppin!! and I took it ol' skool!


Lol!!!! She's a funny lil thaaaang!

Why even wear shorts? I don't understand y guys do this.. Its dumb

Whyyy is he riding his bike in beverly hills lookin craaaazy?! Lol I don't get it

whyyyy did I see this and start crackin up

Only at LAX would u see a man dressed like this.. And he's taking pix with people lmfao

Look at this little monster!!! ...and she wants to give him away lol..

Awww my belle made this for me! So cute! Kids make me smile!!! I'm the ice cream to her cone ♥

This is how we pull an allnighter in the library.. 2pizzas..1pasta..chicken..n a coke!

AHHHH!!! MY SISSY CARA KNOWS ME BEST!!! Hahahahahahaha best gift EVER!! Opened it a lil early shhh!

So much fun last night! I love u guys! My favorite twins ever!


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