USMC, CA ANG, PD, VFD, EMT, VFW, MCL. I'm pretty much every letter of the alphabet. I love the asshole rodeo that is Twitter.

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Wow!! #ToysForTots

Admit it. You read the second word wrong.

Hey , how about you don't put special features on your dvd's if you're gonna show this....

Shut. The. Fuck. Up.

Secure your loads so you don't end up like these assholes.

This house smelled very piney.


You spend money on cat toys and what do they play with?

Evil ninja robot on this episode of #Transformers has a familiar looking weapon. And it sounds a lot like a light saber.

Cable got cut off, this is my entertainment for the day. Transform and roll out!

Ok #SouthLAnd & fans, want one of these? Donate to #ToysForTots DM me for details. 5 left.

Here is one. The second is a surprise. Maybe a uniformed one? Got 5 left! DM me!

#SouthLAnd fans who donate to the Placerville #ToysForTots will be receiving two pics of . This is one. The second is a surprise.

Hey #SouthLAnd and fans, give to the Placerville #ToysForTots and get one of these in your mailbox! DM me for details.

Really? Over 7,000 followers?

accidentally balanced a box on the very edge of the coffee table. It's like magic!! Only not.

The wife's start page on the computer.


The only uniform that still fits. #ToysForTots Christmas parade.