USMC, CA ANG, PD, VFD, EMT, VFW, MCL. I'm pretty much every letter of the alphabet. I love the asshole rodeo that is Twitter.

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Living history, ladies and gentlemen. Living history.

at my #VFW meeting. A seat is always left for our POW's.

I feed off the tears of nerds.

flashback to the #Dodger commercials of the 80's.

looks like she did well for herself after leaving Ferris.

why we can't take drinking anymore.

bacon cheeseburger pizza. So delicious. #BJs

worse getaway car ever.

FORD: Found On Road Dead.

Looking for a quick snack.

Got your photos for #toysfortots today. Thank you very much! But nothing from . Hmmm

repo guy on the prowl in our complex.

kitty loves the titty!

now I just look like woolly Willy

The end to the experiment titled "what would I look like with a full head of hair?"

oldie but a goodie

Yay fall! #Samadams

Unfortunately our class wasn't cancelled.

Grill is clean and I'm working on beer number 2. It's gonna be a good evening.

I pick booze.