USMC, CA ANG, PD, VFD, EMT, VFW, MCL. I'm pretty much every letter of the alphabet. I love the asshole rodeo that is Twitter.

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Don't ask.


Drink up!

No money, so whipped out my uniform and threw on some face paint. Fuck it. I'm getting drunk.


Found my very fake Rolex today. Looks nice, so I don't give a shit how fake it is.

My cat feels the sudden urge to groom me. I thought maybe I was part cat, but fell off the couch while licking my balls

Sucks that I can't keep the goatee for the ball.


Anyone else read that as nipples?

Running a little behind, huh?

Guess the movie, win no prize!

Greatest beer cozy ever. Salud!

Finally replaced the badge I lost years ago.

Are you fucking serious?

I don't think I've ever seen this many deloreans in one place.

Played with the paper camera app, got this.

Played with the paper camera app, got this.