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GOD DANG IT! TraderJoes Y U NO Have this year-round!?

I keep this on my phone for those times.

Now its sunny...


And THIS just happened...

So I'm guessing this is like the Option in R-Type since its in a car parts mag? Doesn't look like its fast enough. #Y

How many ppl do you know have a medkit in the master bathroom? Lets see...

NM, I'm coming. Just gonna button it up so nothing falls in. #SonOfADonkeyPunch

I would have come out tonight, but I'm too busy looking for an EGR bolt... #FuckCaliforniaTreeHuggers!

Is this what the 1% use when they stab a Hooker?

I even tried listening to NWA. Nothing works! Its permanently ugly. :(

Found a use for the iPad. Tray for snacks & water. Helps when I want to take them upstairs. #POS

Uuuuuuuh...uuuuh...well...its kinda workin'...

Probably true. I h8 riding bitch...

Rdy 4 ambush...

Still daytime on the server??? :P

K if you're a hetero THIS is the one NOT to buy! They need to put the "use"&"less" together! I'm just gonna say ALMOST!

Suit 'n Tie

Wow. #DayZ conversation. Random!

See!? Weird! Old 13 new 12. I also like some of the old material better. #Vans