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Programmer with a passion for 3D. Founder of @oyatsukai

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…effettivamente.. sara’ grigio, bho, bisognerebbe vedere con un color picker..

mi sembra abbastanza nero 8)

中目黒 Starbucks, nice and empty.. let’s see how long it lasts. Got noise cancelling headphones just in case..

Book Off is going to undervalue these puppies so badly 8( ..better than recycled, I guess..

20,000 yen to fix the screen?! + 3,150 to switch SIM to iPhone 4 and same fee if I want to swich again to the 5..

That pudding mousse ice cream bar again… pretty good !

Simple food for simple people..

The 3 Expressos ! (my 10,000th pic ! dang..)

Simple food FTW ! (^。^)

bulky trash pick up company mail ad.. ..he he

At Solfa in Nakameguro .. and Marc_0 DJing 8)

Game programming ? …more like Ads programming ! 8(

Blue Screen of Mac ? ..oh shit…

(Was) Today’s lunch & breakfast.. wooo (not on a diet 8P)

Looking at the competition on Android… nice ads placement, Namco !

Hardware …more or less.. turned back on my PC. Vim + plugins is still not as good as VStudio + ViEmu and VA X.. 8(

Today’s setup… I need a real desk !

Yesterday’s setup…

MacBook back on the mail monitor… for now !

Hamburger with mozzarella (!) from Sasa Burger in Nakameguro… ole’