NES Programmer, Chiptuner, Security Researcher in the field of static analysis. Abby likes Dwarf Fortress, Linux, and microcline for its vibrant hue. @veracode

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Mission accomplished. Haters defeated. Item get!

  • 1588 days ago via site
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#skyrim my "actually looks like a Redguard" Breton mage. Destruction and restoration dual-wielder.

  • 1641 days ago via site
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Behold the power of light-up rainbow keyboard (I was too lazy to unplug the old keyboard so I daisychained them)

  • 1660 days ago via site
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Obligatory Halloween pic (this was all I could find, don't judge)

  • 1703 days ago via site
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Look at me, snapping pics in the mirror like myspace is cool all over again (I never had a myspace) (just an lj)

  • 1719 days ago via site
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Best sticker ever? I think so.

  • 1721 days ago via site
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Miku in Adobe Ideas with my ghetto sponge pen :)

Yes, they are absolutely terrifying. #enderman #minecraft #prerelease #feelingslightlybad

  • 1754 days ago via site
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Greetings from a very short walk dead east of spawn in worldseed 126. Also a swamp! #minecraft 1.8

  • 1755 days ago via site
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Mission Freaking Accomplished, Twitter. (Quarter for scale) (Yes really it's 5" wide) #linux

  • 1759 days ago via site
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Pettankos like me shop in the teenage boys' T-shirt section (don't explain the joke)

  • 1763 days ago via site
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Wayof88 and Cricket improvising Bohemian Rhapsody #magstock #magfest #allmy3gbandwidth

  • 1783 days ago via site
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Just practicing pixel art. I think I am at least moderately decent now. #gamedev

  • 1843 days ago via site
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This is my new panda purse that I got at the zoo yesterday. You jelly?

  • 1853 days ago via site
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Open-air dungeon in #minecraft. Worldseed 126, co-ords -526.7, 81.62, 1760.66 Awesome mountain all-around.

  • 1853 days ago via site
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Took a shot at drawing a huuuuuge pixel person into #minecraft. Full view plz. I know my shading is cheap lol...

  • 1855 days ago via site
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Experiment in combining hand-drawn pixel art with a 3D voxel art. Whacha think? Full view plz. #minecraft

  • 1856 days ago via site
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"Hey, that mountain looks like a Yoshi!" "Huh?... OMG IT TOTALLY DOES" #minecraft

  • 1856 days ago via site
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What the? All the ground down there is snow. #minecraft #glitch

  • 1857 days ago via site
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Building a certain town from my Silk Road Fantasy story with Steamcraft. #minecraft #stolemylife

  • 1858 days ago via site
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