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I guess he's enjoying himself


I guess cats can play pong too

I don't even...

That entire OP has to be on purpose...

OH GOD NO!!! WHY? ;_;

Think CRABing. (This always makes me laugh, and I don't know why)

Really, Valve? Really??

You can't tell if he's pondering what to do about it, or wether he should romance it :)

You'd have to move them in here temporarily until they reach the new home. That's cruel!

He voices this character in that cartoon too (and does the writing). His chin looks very familiar though :-D

Press it, you know you want to ;)

BAD END! ;_;

This would make a good sign :) No?

The one and only program I wrote in C#, sits in the notification tray, pops up a small message (buggy tho')

Megumi will reward you with her massage


First world problem: too many streams. Both elemog and gassyoh on at the same time :-/

A beaver found it's way into Louvain city centre yesterday. Shop owner described it as a "large beaverlike poodle"


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