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Here she is, 1964TV200

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2155 days ago

Here she is, 1964TV200


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bikeboyslim 2147 days ago

Sweet. That takes me back. Two Tone times. Ska Rocks

alex_whittaker 2148 days ago

Why would you want one????

dlongyork 2152 days ago

Oh I am very jealous, my steed is a 64 LI 125 but 2 small children restrict the amount of time it sees the light - dont mind though as I get to cycle my Boardman road bike everyday

6ftKerplunk 2153 days ago

Beautiful,like the glamorous sister of my '64 Special.What you need to do now is arrange for a mass keirin lead off for us scooterists at mancheser velodrome.

mysteryclarke 2153 days ago

My dad used to have a TV 175 Pastel Blue and Cream, and was a london Mod wearing a french flatcap. In the sixties of course. Ride safe, geezer.

Topgearskin 2153 days ago

Very nice- hope you have good luck with it-they can be very "challenging" but worth every minute-mods rule!

StuartAlderson 2153 days ago

Is it fast enough for a bit motor-paced training?

Mauhum 2154 days ago

Superb condition, but like myself it came from a good year!!

york_triathlon 2154 days ago

thats a nice scoot. I am after a sx200

Sumo_Keirin 2154 days ago

Does it have a heated seat? You need that in this weather.

iansaj 2154 days ago

Now that's cool Brad, time trial her around the velodrome for coooool points!!!

AxDxAx 2154 days ago

Lovely jubley.... I want one! Better than that shed you rode at the Worlds !!!!!

janh1 2154 days ago

Retro bliss. Just need The Jam on the ipod. :-)

essexoldbird 2154 days ago

That's rather gorgeous. But then I'm of the opinion that 1964 was a rather good year anyway....

rainforesturbo 2154 days ago

that thing is mega cool. iam working on my vespa today broke a drive belt.

forlodge1 2154 days ago

nice, VERY nice, just keep her shiny side up

ivandaleo 2154 days ago

What a beauty...

Lambrettaworld 2154 days ago

Another rare and fine beauty from the Armandos boys. Wondered who this was for. Mr Brad if you fancy a ride out & a caffe near Lago di Bolsena, my Li is poised. Keep the faith.

Seacilin 2154 days ago

Ooooohhhhhhhhh ... *dribbles*

stuartbumford 2155 days ago

Very nice mate, looks mint. What's the badge over the horn grille? Took my LI special out this morn,never again in this weather.