Simon Pegg


Actor/writer - Spaced, Shaun of the Dead, Hot Fuzz, Paul, World's End. Also, secret agent, starship engineer and diesel weasel. GSOH. Must love dogs.

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2358 days ago


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Rushynet 2042 days ago

So it really IS "All beer and skittles" then!

ants_in_pants83 2358 days ago

Pub! xD

markjameswells 2358 days ago

King(fisher) of beers my dear old thing

Squidgywidgywoo 2358 days ago

I always get really bad pit-pong when I eat that stuff :'(

joetalent 2358 days ago

kingfisher - you ponce! :D

belljen77 2358 days ago

Aahhhh, I miss that, a good pint and some Bombay Mix (that's what I call it), good ole days!!!

trish1972 2358 days ago

silly people...those aren't maggots. those are SPICY maggots ;)

Ulala5 2358 days ago

I know it's stupid but the first word came on my mind when i've seen the pic is WINCHESTER. Cheers :)

Fi_Fi_B 2358 days ago

Are those maggots? ;)

James___Smyth 2358 days ago

I'm on me fifth now , god bless spell check... hic...

inbarigami 2358 days ago

Earlier today I ate something that looks a lot like this. Was disgusting. Don't repeat my mistake.

Sue991 2358 days ago

You just need the curry now to finish off with....

andymwhelan 2358 days ago

Looks like someones been eating the pot pourri.

bobbiealice 2358 days ago

nom nom nom

sarathelaundres 2358 days ago

Breakfast of champions.

ChrisDoohan 2358 days ago

People drive for miles to get to Park and Tottenham. That maggot and meatball bowl is a true treasure.

negative_chaos 2358 days ago

I can't help but notice the incomplete crossword puzzle there. 7 down is Anamorphic.

joooos1 2358 days ago

MMM, perfect! I'm hungry now!

carlgriffiths 2358 days ago

Good thing there's no twiglets