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The periodic table of cupcakes! @samiajamal

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1748 days ago

The periodic table of cupcakes!


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Canageek 1743 days ago

Correction: That was for Mol day, not Pi day. Much more relevant to chem. Thanks

subzero77 1744 days ago


somebluenotes 1748 days ago

I thought you assembled this in memory until I saw a copy of the periodic table below. * disappointed*

Yinepuhotep 1748 days ago

Now we can truly say that cupcakes give us ENERGY! (I'll take the actinide series, thanks. I've always wanted to glow in the dark.)

DougieLawson 1748 days ago

Can I have the lead cupcake (Pb) that's got lot of frosting on it.

neuroaster 1748 days ago

That's one #way2study :)

mana_junkie 1748 days ago

yum yum!

Canageek 1748 days ago

I'd like to thank the McMaster Undergraduate Chemistry Society (or whatever they renamed it to) for making all the yummy cupcakes on pi day

Canageek 1748 days ago

Wow. I now have over 1000 views on this page. This is the first image I've done that has managed that.

azurelunatic 1748 days ago

This is excellent!

indykitty 1748 days ago

THat rocks the periodic table!

Nobilis 1748 days ago

I wonder if the colors mean anything... this deserves research.

iloveplumcake 1748 days ago

This just made my whole Friday. Thank you!

polianarchy 1748 days ago


SpaceGurlEvie 1748 days ago

Omgosh!!! YUM!!! And How cooooool!!!

ZAmmi 1748 days ago

omg! om nom nom nom nom... mmm plutonium! radioactivy... arghllghllrllaghghllll