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Former Drummer with ThrimbleWeed and the Vegetations

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2385 days ago


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NicCFCDidier 2357 days ago

i thought that gerrard butler between jonathan and michael was frank lampard lol XD anyone else think that now ?

NicCFCDidier 2357 days ago

lmao the one between jonathan and michael i think it must be gerrard butler.... from a distance i thought it was frank lampard... i was like omg !!! xD

fwukky 2357 days ago

Did you shag the blondy?

kabluii 2364 days ago

arctic monkeyyyssss! *shrieks*

obiro 2372 days ago

hahha look aqt alex turners head just pearing around

Maisiee 2382 days ago

Gerard butler! he is hot hot hot. And mine haha. :) and you jonathan ha.

DatsunBob 2385 days ago

Only 4 more minutes to wait...

slappage 2385 days ago

I love Gerard Butlerrrr :D

georgewham 2385 days ago

Gerry is as fit as!..a fab christmas treat would be a certain Mr Michael gracing your couch :)

A5J4DX 2385 days ago


irenaIF 2385 days ago

you've got some amazing guests tonight, ha?? :))) can't til you upload them on youtube! I love your show! xxx from Croatia!

KatrinaAbed 2385 days ago

Micheal McIntyre!

ItsHarrietStout 2385 days ago

Gerry is so HOT! I'm definatley not missing this tonight, even if I have to wrestle everyone in my family to the ground to get the tv remote...

Lola1749 2385 days ago

What a fabulous-looking group, especially Gerry! Happy Birthday big guy!

choco_al 2385 days ago

hehe!! u can just about see alex!!

Deanna_P 2385 days ago

Oh my God I'm in love. Michael McIntyre and Gerard Butler

Cozzed 2385 days ago

was a great show! was there- met gerryyy!

Rach_x13 2385 days ago

Ive been waiting for this ALL WEEK! So excited!! :D :D

donnaste1 2385 days ago

Brilliant picture, can't wait to see it tonight, just know its going to be brilliant. Michael McIntyre is very funny and i love Gerard Butler xx

llsgg 2385 days ago

gerry looks fit, as always, happy 40th birthday xxxx