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Insult or compliment? There is Obama toilet paper in Japan...

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1617 days ago

Insult or compliment? There is Obama toilet paper in Japan...


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LGM957 1614 days ago

it's compliment since can't go anywhere without this.

deMontjoie 1615 days ago

It's definitely an insult -- to the toilet-paper.

Also somewhat redundant to place a picture of an asswipe onto an asswipe.

katmeredith 1616 days ago


Watermanrick 1616 days ago

It is an insult to the office of President of the United States. Oh wait. So is Obama.

vploughnane 1616 days ago

Well, since he's already got his head up his own a**, isn't this the logical next step?

VitalReiRosPico 1616 days ago

How can you clean crap with crap wouldn't than just smudge it more?

MarylkaMP 1616 days ago

cnredd 1616 days ago

sometimes the jokes just write themselves...
Political Wrinkles

Have you wrinkled yet?

oakenquill 1616 days ago

(TwitPic, you vex me) (Take 3) OMG I *heart* Japan: they think of EVERYthing!@!

oakenquill 1616 days ago

(Take 2) OMG I

oakenquill 1616 days ago


gary4205 1616 days ago

No way in hell I want that treasonous bastard anywhere near me!

Impeach him, and impeach him NOW!

DriveAndDish 1616 days ago

Some enterprising individual should try to import this to the U.S. It would probably sell here; could advertise it talk radio & Fox News.

misbehavintoo 1616 days ago

don't want him anywhere near me

JackieAddams 1617 days ago

okay that's not right.

MinneMike 1617 days ago

I take it as an insult that is a compliment to my perspective.

brewers_rule 1617 days ago

Free markets at their finest can sometimes be bizarre.