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My name is Jodelle Micah Ferland...and I'm a twitaholic. - Like me!

My Garfield comic =P

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2514 days ago

My Garfield comic =P


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ilovejodelle4 2097 days ago

lolol!!! I love ur drawings!

YaBoiRob41 2107 days ago

throwed pic LOL!

Brownilla 2197 days ago

haha, I love Garfield :D
And that is a pretty good comic ;)

Darlin_Girl 2210 days ago

LOL!!!!! i love it!!!

jennyrox988 2211 days ago

very funny better than the real show lol

leeharaujo_ 2241 days ago

Hhahahahahaha! very cool

AnyelDeer 2248 days ago

hahaha! =D

SquallLeonhart_ 2366 days ago


mcince51 2367 days ago


NikoNova 2406 days ago


CoreyTia 2413 days ago

very fun

redfillart 2414 days ago


N4thxnL 2423 days ago

jajaja very fun X)

melissarc97 2423 days ago

you are absolutly amazing.

leozqual 2442 days ago

Nice comic :)

pattiskano 2457 days ago

Oh You can draw the same thing several times! It's impossible for me.

AlenaPaatavna 2479 days ago

coooooooooooooooooooooooool!!!Russia love you!

Cherrycoraline 2513 days ago

Garfield-cool cartoon:)

ILilyBlackI 2513 days ago

Who's garfield's girlfriend? =) Kidding, i love it, you're very lucky being so talented.

LUIS_EDUARD 2513 days ago

hahaha it's funny!! :p