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Post cancellation news lunch - fatty foods at Moe's.

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2451 days ago

Post cancellation news lunch - fatty foods at Moe's.


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Siesiegirl 2413 days ago

Aww, Enver. I missed him when he graduated high school and I'll miss him now.

GaryHasGone 2413 days ago

Damn, just when I start to like characters they all get taken away. Happened with Firefly and now with Dollhouse, can't wait to see what these guys do next.

katattak 2415 days ago

awesome!!!!!!!!!! #dollhouse

nataliemiller_x 2439 days ago

il miss it when it stops! i want echo to remember!!

HannahYLNg 2448 days ago

hmm.. it seems like you have great ties with all the DH cast.. except ms dushku.
do she not join you guys? is she too "busy" or "something"?

fealebenpae 2450 days ago

Yeah, those two smiling seems unnatural. Maybe they got high on fat or something. Man, but I'll miss that show ^^

salazarlindsey 2451 days ago

Awww! Wait, who took the photo? :)

Neramani 2451 days ago

:( That sucks! dollhouse was one of my favorite shows :..(

jrpez 2451 days ago

Just looking at Enver's eyes makes me want to weep.

takewhat 2451 days ago

Hey you two on the left, you are looking way to cheery ;)

williamblair85 2451 days ago

That's some of my new favorite people right there!

yellowstark 2451 days ago

Fatty food is good fo' yo mood. I feel bad for you anyway. I need some fatty food too.

phoebesmum 2451 days ago

So sorry to say goodbye to #Dollhouse, to the wonderful characters, and to all the great stories that will now never be told.

MoonpieNobot 2451 days ago

Two smiley people and to very very, not smiley people.

irvlau 2451 days ago

so sorry about the crappy news. can't wait for all of your next projects!

labunnywtf 2451 days ago

Awww. And now I'm sad again.

AndrewLeavitt 2451 days ago

You guys are great! I'm so excited to see where you go after Dollhouse! Will miss you on Fridays at 9 tho. :)

Kathy_Jayne 2451 days ago

I wonder who was lucky enough to get to take this pic?

harlequeen 2451 days ago

Is that Fran's shirt from Vows? Food makes everything better. I had cake.

babyshakira87 2451 days ago

sigh. I love you guys. all