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Please enjoy my new-headset-package-opening fail.

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2447 days ago

Please enjoy my new-headset-package-opening fail.


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AFSchaff 2239 days ago

Hee Hee, LMAO! Looks like sunthin' I wud do.

Tompkins4 2361 days ago

HAHAHAHAHAHAHAAH.....oh, I mean...wow,that REALLY sucks!

MrChrismitchell 2361 days ago

the cutting edge of technology

twilightcutie90 2362 days ago


twilightcutie90 2362 days ago


amberboyd 2384 days ago

Oh snap!!

FinAeros 2438 days ago

Owch, that's suckitude. Damn clamshell packaging, it shall be the downfall of humanity.

spartan1010101 2440 days ago

lol fail for the rest of his non mic life how the fck does that happen??xD

Bentfork 2443 days ago

But does it Blend?

MovieNut14 2443 days ago

Epic, epic fail. :(

erisraven 2446 days ago

I have SO done that, with a cellphone headset. :D

DiscordLover 2446 days ago

indeed 360 is fail

hightech 2446 days ago

Use a can opener around the edge for crying out loud! Do people really still use scissors to open this type of packaging?

eebeeno 2446 days ago

Whoa, dude that totally SUX!


hecg 2446 days ago

Now what would Picard say if he saw this act of fail?

hollywudbob 2446 days ago

Oh how I we long for the days when things came in cardboard packaging!

DLCXVl 2446 days ago

and remember geeks, its down the road, not across the street

wondermack 2446 days ago

Wow! You can't even blame that on the cat.

Brekketh 2446 days ago

Oooooh.. an FML moment if there ever was one. Sorry bout your luck. You might wanna pack it in for the day, there's no comin back from that.

w9fog 2446 days ago

You made my day (or evening). And I can't stress it more than: BLISTER IS A BITCH! I HATE "blister packages". At least they are called so here in Germany.