ian somerhalder


Dead guy on LOST now undead on The Vampire Diaries. Still happily contemplating Man's existential dilemma...

My trailer this AM is total mess...

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2419 days ago

My trailer this AM is total mess...


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Ian_turkey_Buse 1508 days ago

ı want to be there :( I hope we will meet someday . ı love you

DelenaThing 1566 days ago

Adorei as fotos no espelho :)

LeraErshova1 1607 days ago

funny,I,too, is that;)

princesadaterra 1630 days ago

hahaha, the pictures of the Nina and Paul, so cute!

ISF_Dagestan 1666 days ago

oh beatiful! I seems there is an entire bottom of a beer packaging?!

Lucky_Dydy 1813 days ago

Cute picture on the mirror. Your sweet! <3

MindiSarai 1822 days ago

my study desk looks like this.. its just that instead of scripts i have math written on everything! LOL

Melle_hjrta 1835 days ago

Love the picture on the mirror, on you Nina and Paul! ;D <3

Salvatore_spell 1840 days ago

awwww how sweet of u 2 keep pics of u with Paul & Nina <33 love u guys

DelenaIndo 1841 days ago

not as mess as my room ian hahaha

DamonsGF 1842 days ago

wowiie. love the pictures on the mirror esp. the middle one :P is that a protein shake bottle?

strel1983ka 1845 days ago

The artist mess)) it is cozy)) Katerina Russia xxx

justynella2 1846 days ago

hmm and I thought I have a mess in my room now :P

kopaleishviliee 1847 days ago

wow :) i like photos :D

caarolcoutinho 1863 days ago

that beautiful, he has a picture with the del @ ninadobrev and Paul Wesley

amalin_ 1918 days ago

Everything is messy morning

Yami_2 1936 days ago

mmmhh... doritos sauce...

AryRicc 1936 days ago


sarita_naipaul 1990 days ago

if this is a MESS then you wouldn'd know what to say to my bedroom.......

thekaty_ 1998 days ago

Już widzę, że na lutrze są boskie zdjęcia..