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This is a rule that somehow gets over looked

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2282 days ago

This is a rule that somehow gets over looked


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ohchockiss 2229 days ago

u r so damn funny, thats why I follow you e'ryday!

franklin140 2274 days ago

chad i think ur hilarious and the league should lay off and instead of fineing yousit back and laugh at what your doing cause i know if roger was playing out there he would be doing the same thing your doing too

JasonFlame 2276 days ago

Lmfaoooooo!!! && #shoutout to for being a bitter Steelers fan!

barcode79 2279 days ago

Now to all of the haters you do realize that you are fueling his career? Do you not? So if he has three hundred today he will have one thousand fans added tomorrow. Just some food for thought.

Nyczlilrascal 2280 days ago

Derel Rives from the jets can gaurd u broo..ur nasty but comon even randy moss as good if not bette rthan u..and did u forget bout Larry Fitzgerald..hes one of the best receivers in the NFL now..ur deffinately up there on the top no dought bout that

bronsonwagner 2281 days ago

It's impossible to cover you man to man because you aren't one. The REAL receivers in the league can run patterns across the middle without getting blown up.

gert0615 2281 days ago

i would like 2 remind everyone of voltronballs rule #1060 (thank u btw...)
and unlike the rule above...this one NEVER gets over-looked...
Rule #1060: It is against NFL policy for any team other than the Pittsburgh Steelers to run the AFC North. Please n

ThatPJ 2281 days ago


imurbabymomma2 2281 days ago

That is funny as hell and I must say it's very true you also keep your games interesting you're a funny guy

amandamcneal 2281 days ago

Funny how all you shitsburg fans have nothing better to do than look at Chad's Page!!! hahaha Kiss da Baby!

nicktjacob 2281 days ago


ochoponcho06 2281 days ago

who dey all the way! and child please to joesteelerfan.

nickyp110 2281 days ago

C'mon son

Tm0ney89 2281 days ago

Chad OchoCinco > Randy Moss > Larry Fitzgerald > Andre Johnson. Come Sunday in Heinz field show the world why.

Tm0ney89 2281 days ago

Chad OchoCinco > Randy Moss > Larry Fitzgerald > Andre Johnson. Come sunday in pittsburg show the world why!

thebestadam12 2281 days ago


bobbyGQdubb 2281 days ago


TenzoMonk 2281 days ago

Child Please!

mommyof4animals 2282 days ago

lol! thats great

Daughtry2682 2282 days ago

Hahaha that is hilarious!!!