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I pretend to be other people... In real life that's called schizophrenia. If you get paid to do it its called acting.

Co-stars caught holding hands. Guess this picture proves everything. #Pellan

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2420 days ago

Co-stars caught holding hands. Guess this picture proves everything. #Pellan


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CrazyBlueWriter 1723 days ago

soooooo beautiful :D looks kinda funny. you really like eacht other, right?

MissPattinson_J 1723 days ago

Hahahahaha so sweet! :D

SadiSomerhalder 1723 days ago

Awwww................ so sweet!!!

FireworksHere 1795 days ago


Ciana_Joanne_M 1868 days ago

:) <3

Emlovesyoux23 1883 days ago

i love this pic. <3

3Kate33 1886 days ago

:D love this picture :)

KassieYates 1886 days ago

0hperseus 1887 days ago

Ownnnn!! ~Peter and my husband!! What???~ SOOOOO CUTEEEE =]

Mal4ury 2066 days ago

cuute ! :)

VDMsSingstar98 2070 days ago

so cute brotherly love, cullens forever an always!!!

InaSantinni 2070 days ago

I laughed a lot. You two are amazing.

lemur236 2083 days ago


mrfacinellilove 2084 days ago

well peter all i have to say is this:i hope your wife doesn't find out!

aida__ 2085 days ago

#Pellan kkkkkkkkkkk

__sezin__ 2085 days ago

pellan huh? you guys are the best :D

MissVickiKhan 2085 days ago

love this :) <3 x

Jojoheyjo 2085 days ago

Friends forever

Somenah 2086 days ago

aww brother love!!! <3

LisaLaFJabara 2086 days ago

I have this one on my myspace page! cool! ahhhh...cos when you're a cullen it doesn't matter who you love!