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1809 days ago


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Adventurenoob 1735 days ago

Aweee...s0me! Hah, i wish Sepulchure return to AQW in this form 0.0

_Artix_ 1736 days ago

can u draw something 4 me plz w8....does miltonios have a twitter?

TheFirstLink 1748 days ago

:O really good but i like DF seppy ;/

T090 1758 days ago

This is just the most AMAZING painting I have ever seen in my whole life! WELL DONE!

DatIbby 1763 days ago

Wow. Sepulchure will never be the same.

ViverTheSupremo 1766 days ago

I wish Miltonius would draw sumthing 4 me, DOES MILTONIUS HAVE A TWITTER?

_Alethia 1789 days ago

/e open mouthed amazed

kengkoypalabok 1791 days ago

If Drakath is the last Lord of Chaos to be defeated, I think Sepuclhure will rise again and take this EPIC FORM and defeat Drakath.. I'm such a Shadowscythe fan xD

x1x2x3x_AE 1794 days ago

intersting one =]

RipCurlMPE 1803 days ago

Epic Nice Miltonius :)

AQWValetta 1804 days ago

Thats very cool miltonius! well done!

azzaboy321 1804 days ago

wicked!! I reckon yous should bring back speulchure and give him that armour

SkylineSV 1804 days ago

The armor looks like it's made in Flash, then edited with Photoshop. So it's epic!

LordThoru 1805 days ago


ItsAnswers 1805 days ago


hollow_knight 1806 days ago

wow just wow that simply looks amazing sepulchure needs to look like that if he ever comes back the first model was just to simple but this is a masterpiece

stevo10k 1806 days ago


P.S i think that all DK class armors need to look like that once the rank of the class is rank 10 that would be cool i think

stevo10k 1806 days ago

if Sepulchure ever came back they need his armor to be like that or even cooler cuzz that DK armor looks way difrent then the regular AQWs DK lol makes it look like he came back more powerful

that look needs to be in game or somethin cuzz that is just

lord_of_anarchy 1806 days ago

i dont care what you guys have to do put this in AQ worlds ON FRIDAY!!! by the way check out my armor suggesttions

SnakeXZ 1807 days ago

Wow... Just wow. Man, That seppy is AWESOME! No, EPICLY PWNAGE AWESOME!