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Happy 40th birthday Sesame Street! http://bit.ly/2LnRCb

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2363 days ago

Happy 40th birthday Sesame Street! http://bit.ly/2LnRCb


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jan_paolo 2362 days ago

Happy 40th - Sesame Street! Thanks for letting everyone know, & I really like this Google Sign!

martian09 2362 days ago

this is by far the best Google Doodle I've ever seen. Sunny day!

BLKMGK 2362 days ago

Happy 40th Birthday Sesame Street!

intelligentSHAY 2362 days ago

this is sooo cute :D...google i love this

nicaaaacio 2362 days ago

thats cool

Orlando_Houston 2362 days ago

Thats cool!

VelvetSnow84 2362 days ago

this is awesome...yep i agree its one of the best.

jr_spyder 2362 days ago

I love this. What a wonder concept Sesame Street is and has been for millions of children and adults all over the world.

featherflow 2362 days ago

BRILLIANT! Very very cool :) On a sidenote, Oscar looks happy, poor bugger is stilll in the trash can after all these years lol

TheRealJohnKing 2363 days ago

and it's awesome that said "possibly the best" right before i did so i would look like a dick

TheRealJohnKing 2363 days ago

possibly the best google doodle(?) of all time. i'm still wondering where t3h triforce is though

smittydvd 2363 days ago

Possibly the best one ever...Talk about unbelievable free marketing!

IanKath 2363 days ago

How many companies would kill for this access.

MugichaGozen 2363 days ago

Neeeat!I love it☆

err0rs 2363 days ago

creative and cool, I like it ;)

jackdaniels08 2363 days ago

Wow, this makes me feel so googley! Lots to smile about.

engmk 2363 days ago

nice :)

thetreadstoner 2363 days ago


mirrorballsuit 2363 days ago

this is the best google EVER!