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7-time Tour de France winner, full time cancer fighter - LIVESTRONG!

Out training today near Menton. Quite the juxtapoz. Blue water of the Med and snow covered mountains.

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2930 days ago

Out training today near Menton. Quite the juxtapoz. Blue water of the Med and snow covered mountains.


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wyatt_alexander 2767 days ago

I know this place ! I leave not that far from here !

ezeluc 2905 days ago

I know this view, I know this view.......was there about the same time......and will be there in the very near future again!

mikehughes35 2922 days ago

CONTADOR, you are an impostor, lance says you don't twitter, YET. Remove the impostor.

jbrbmwz3 2925 days ago

You look great! What a view! Maybe Alberto has it confused, I think he'll be helping you win the 2009 Tour de France!

CONTADORFANS 2927 days ago

ok, nice,, but keep on training.. i ll need your help to win 2009 tour de FRANCE

kaesedurst 2927 days ago

It's great to hear that you will ride the TDF again! greetings from switzerland

jrichardson30 2928 days ago

WOW! What an amazing shot...maybe I can stop there next time I am in the Canary Islands! Ha!

annemiekeh 2929 days ago't this guy follow you on Twitter?! You had 7 tests already, what else do they want?

mytwoboyz 2929 days ago

someday I willl get out there to experience what you show all of us in those photos. Have fun with the boys!

chiefmd12 2929 days ago

very nice...i hope the team makes some progress this camp

cadencejunkie 2929 days ago

Awesome Jacket. 2009 livestrong lineup? I'll take two. ;)

abratka 2930 days ago


richvelo 2930 days ago

Nice view from Menton, we're in Valbonne, France surviving the rain.

Let us know if your up for some local cuisine, but with an\ north african style.

looking for descent cylcing weather tomorrow,

dlr1967 2930 days ago

Great Picture, keep them coming!

annemiekeh 2930 days ago

Always followed your career but this way is some much more fun, with the tweeting and the pictures. Please keep them coming and have good time in Tenerife

robshannon 2930 days ago

Looking happy Lance - you must have just climbed the Madone and smoked your best time despite the snow - come on admit it.

MikeRod99 2930 days ago

WOW! that place looks incredible

velotips 2930 days ago

Lance, I left a campsite in Menton in 1999 and forgot to pay. Nip in and give them €40 for me if you can. BTW the translation for Menton in English is 'chin'.

maxknee 2930 days ago

i would kill to be out there

jpmanley 2930 days ago

Nice pic. I've jogged around the port in Niece and it's great scenery.