David Bugliari


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#whatisgibsondoing  Answer: no one knows.

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1771 days ago

#whatisgibsondoing Answer: no one knows.


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BillCarlson_27 1748 days ago

I suppose that gives a new meaning to the phrase "doggie bag" huh? lol

liesbetvh 1748 days ago

HIDE AND SEEK. I can't see you so you cannot see me :p

carloselomega 1748 days ago

is he lazy or just swayzee...jeje

CGLeticiaMateos 1755 days ago

dear Gibson...im your fan!!!.thats all

Phoebe1_ 1771 days ago

LOLOL!!!!!!!! I LOVE HIM!!!

Cheryls_fangirl 1771 days ago

He is just curios what you have packed.

noriangirl 1771 days ago

he is wanting to go on a trip! where to Mr. Gibson?

oXHAZELXo 1771 days ago

his little leg sticking out makes me laugh

DeepGreenForest 1771 days ago

That dog sleeps more than my tommy!

Hymiee 1771 days ago


SportsLunatic 1771 days ago

He's making sure he goes the next time his mommy leaves on a trip!

manny_miles 1771 days ago

He's trying to learn how to rest on his tummy..

mokinbird01 1771 days ago

which side is the head?

mel5051 1771 days ago

Gibson: So you think you are leaving without me? Ha No Way!

goofyjeremy 1771 days ago

haha in case you forget him in the house when you go out ! haha !!! I COME WITH YOUUUUWOOFFFWOOOOFFFFF

_Maka 1771 days ago

Oh gosh LMAOOOOOOOOOOOOOO I LOVE IT !!!!!!!! this doggy is crazy !!!!!!!!!!!!!

Zephfire 1771 days ago

Vacation? Just let me get this leg in, then I'm all packed and ready to go!

Gary_E_Davis 1771 days ago

He's doing Garbo.... "He wants to be alone!!!"

GiuuuCFC 1771 days ago

hahahahahaha gossip!

IamMichaelaJW 1771 days ago

Ha :)