Megan Phelps-Roper


'You're just a human being, my dear, sweet child.'

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2366 days ago


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bedevilme666 2234 days ago

what god,greetings from Satan

xanima_eu 2341 days ago

The Lord says: An enlightened person — by perceiving God in all — looks at a learned person, an outcast, even a cow, an elephant, or a dog with an equal eye. BhagavadGita 5.18

bahama32 2363 days ago

You my friend are an idiot...

btchstolemytang 2364 days ago

If you do a search about Fred Phelps you will see these people are not Christians. Last I heard of them they were trying to get into Canada to protest at the funeral of a young man murdered on a Greyhound bus. They were not allowed here and don't know i

shortlilartist 2365 days ago

ha god doesnt exist. and they should hope i am right bc if he does he would send them all to hell. sad.

Ottotk 2365 days ago

What did I do this time?

kungpa0 2365 days ago

that's hot

slebbo 2365 days ago

Brilliant! God I hate christian-activists :)

Abungle 2366 days ago

calladus 2366 days ago

Nice Ted Kaczynski style ya got going there.

wallycard 2366 days ago

so Hitchens is right after all...

jaxbchgirl521 2366 days ago

These people are in desparate need of prayers, as is our Republc. Even nut cases need prayers! They never know what they are talking about, just want to make a statement any way. They think "If it feels good, do it" is the way to live. OY, God help th

NYCrochet 2366 days ago

I've long suspected as much . . .

TarheelElphie 2366 days ago

God Is your enemy? Really? Have you read the bible?