Lance Armstrong


7-time Tour de France winner, full time cancer fighter - LIVESTRONG!

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Steve Hed sent this. Title - "motivation". From the Tour de Greune. My kids cheering their old man on..

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2131 days ago

Steve Hed sent this. Title - "motivation". From the Tour de Greune. My kids cheering their old man on..


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Letticewin 2047 days ago

They're having a blast. Wish I could have been there with them. Something about the delight and cheers of "short people" makes me joyful.

patrickD1337 2110 days ago

I missed out on it this year. But trust me. My bud Travis Burandt and I will be there next year. Awww its on now!

jbrbmwz3 2125 days ago

I bet watching their Dad ride like that is something they will never forget. Memories are forever.

mikeharris7 2126 days ago

heh - my family won't come watch me race. 'course I'm not a pro either. ;) Btw, I was told that my teammate Erick, who rolled off just before Lance in this race, actually looked at Lance's power profiles and compared the difference with his, and calculate

cali_dude 2127 days ago

Man... who's your daddy?

familydads 2128 days ago

Very cool action shot of your "Father Power," Lance!

LReed 2131 days ago

Motivation for Lance, but also a great role model for his kids. ALL ARMSTRONG AND LAF FANS, if you plan on attending any of Lance's races, wear your yellow Livestrong shirts and bracelets. We can be motivators too. Can you imagine Lance looking up the roa

jeffroberts 2131 days ago

Love this photo. And got a big kick out of seeing your recent post with video from the '93 World Championships. Remember, "No one checks my mom at the door!" One of my favorite Lance stories! Keep Living Strong!

jamesashberry 2131 days ago

Show these French dudes who is boss. You're an inspiration and a hero who deserves the respect of the French!

jakelewis 2131 days ago

Three more big time bike fans. Awesome. Looks like you are turning on a who's the daddy out the saddle effort. Always a good move!

annemiekeh 2131 days ago

As I'm sure your kids inspire you (and how could they not: they are great) you inspire millions of us and I'll be rooting for you in '09 as I did all the other beautiful years you already gave us, on the bike and off. You sure LIVESTRONG!

davidjschloss 2131 days ago

Fantastic shot. Beats the crowds on L'Alpez, ehh?

chicocyclist 2131 days ago


douglasreid 2131 days ago

Allez! Allez! You give them (and us) a lot to cheer about.

carambs 2131 days ago

This is too cute for words!

4score 2131 days ago

Those kids can motivate a lot more than a crazy guy in a devil suit! Great pic!!

jmonzo 2131 days ago

Lance .. cycling fans are behind you...since you left every tour has been laden with scandal and disrespect.. Train hard and we will see you in Austin again for the 2009 RFTR..Remember to Livestrong

cathalmcdaid 2131 days ago

this is better than watching the tour :) you are just awsome man ;)

jamesnield 2131 days ago

Lance, keep going man. You are a inspiration to all of us. LIVESTRONG FOREVER

velobabe 2131 days ago

Awesome, I loved hearing "Go Mommy GO!" at my last track season...